More than 250,000 users are proud of using solutions. is one of the market leaders in data extraction and their goal is to make web data extraction easy and accessible for everyone.

Ease to use redesign

In 2018 we redesigned home page. It was truly one of the most interesting zoom59 projects of this year... was first built as a free browser extension to help people extract data from websites more easily.
Little by little, it had become one of the market leaders with over 200’000 users, and the website needed some upgrades.
The main goal for the home page is to convert free users to subscribers. The services they offer are very specific.
The challenge here was to showcase the most important information in an easy-to-understand way.
At first, we defined four main competitors and carried out experiments.
We found out a couple of things that could be improved for user experience.




Users can clearly understand what advantages they will receive from using services
and subscribe to the service in just a few clicks!